Lindsborgs-posten was a a weekly Swedish-language newspaper published in Lindsborg from 1898-1930.  The newspaper covered local events until the middle of the World War I years when it became the newspaper for the Lutheran Church Synod in the Midwest.  At that time the newspaper moved from covering Lindsborg events to church-related matters.

This page contains pdf files captured from newspaper microfilm of articles in Swedish related to World War I, and their translations into English done by Bethany College’s Charlotte Anderson.  Words that could not be translated were put in square brackets.  For each article there is the headline in English and the date of publication along with links to the article in Swedish and English.

August 5, 1914 – “The European War”  Swedish  English

August 12, 1914 – “The War”  Swedish  English

August 12, 1914 – “To think freely is big, to think correctly is bigger”  Swedish  English  [Editorial on war causation expressing sympathy for Germany and blame for Russia and Serbia.]

August 19, 1914 – “The War”  Swedish  English

August 19, 1914 – “Sympathy for Hillström”  Swedish  English  [Article critical of support for accused murderer and Swedish immigrant, Joseph Hillström, aka Joe Hill.]

August 26, 1914 – “The War”  Swedish   English

August 26, 1914 – “Free Free Free” Swedish  English  [Ad for “an excellent map over Europe where the war is raging”]

August 26, 1914 – “To think freely is big, to think correctly is bigger” Swedish  English  [Editorial on whether French or English are leading Allied military effort.]

June 9, 1915 – “Przenyl in the Hands of Germany” Swedish  English

July 7, 1915 – “The War” [The struggle in Galicia] Swedish  English

July 28, 1915 – “England – America” [On sea attacks on neutral shipping] Swedish  English

August 4, 1915 – “The First Year of the War” [Assesses German chances of winning] Swedish  English

August 18, 1915 – “The War” [German negotiations with Russia; Bulgaria; US export of military stores] Swedish  English

August 25, 1915 – “The War” [Arabic sunk by German sub; Italy declares war on Turkey; Riga; Ossometz] Swedish  English

September 22, 1915 – “Vilna Falls” Swedish  English

September 29, 1915 – “The War” [Allies begin to wake up; Swedish loan to Germany; Greece mobilizes] Swedish  English

October 20, 1915 – “American Militarism” Swedish  English

October 20, 1915 – “A Few Things About the War” [Swedish neutrality and German subs; war in Finland] Swedish  English

November 3, 1915 – “A Critical Time for Sweden?” [Speculates on British sea invasion of Germany via the Baltic Sea] Swedish  English

December 29, 1915 – “The World War” [Central Powers make headway in the Balkans] Swedish  English

February 9, 1916 – “Germany Takes Over Swedish Ship Wharf” Swedish  English

March 1, 1916 – “From the War” [Steamship sunk; Verdun offensive] Swedish  English

March 15, 1916 – “The Scandinavian Countries Cooperate” Swedish  English

April 26, 1916 – “The Russians Take Trebizond” Swedish  English

June 28, 1916 – “Sweden in Danger” [Anger over Russian fortification of Aland]; “Volunteers!” [Call for volunteer regiment of veterans, based in Salina] Swedish  English

February 7, 1917 – “Will There be War?” Swedish  English

August 22, 1917 – “Gathering in Sweden” Swedish  English

September 17, 1917 – “The Foreign Newspapers and Loyalty” Swedish  English

March 20, 1918 – [On Russian Revolution and desire for Germany to lose war]  Swedish  English

May 8, 1918 – “The United States, the Only Country for All of Us” Swedish  English [By Dr. G. A. Brandelle of Denver, Colorado]

July 3, 1918 – “Swedish Ships Employed by Our Country”  Swedish  English

July 3, 1918 – “Why is America in the War?” Swedish  English [By Rev. David Nyvall of North Park College]

July 17, 1918 – [on Sweden being less likely to join the Central Powers] Swedish  English

July 31, 1918 – “Our Enemies” Swedish  English [By Prof. David Nyvall of North Park College]

August 7, 1918 – [on Mob Rule] Swedish  English

August 21, 1918 – “Interesting Lecture” Swedish  English [Delivered by Sgt. A.G. Jorgensen from Canada]

October 16, 1918 – [on possible cease fire] Swedish  English

November 13, 1918 – “Stray Thoughts” [on the war ending] Swedish  English

November 13, 1918 – “The War is Over” Swedish  English