War Gardens

 War gardens were supported by the U.S Government as a way to provide food for families while allowing more food to be sent to the troops overseas. Lindsborg was no exception to this national idea as at one point over 150 gardens were present. Calls to action regarding these gardens were very common in the local newspaper. This even included an anonymous donor offering ten dollars to the young person from Lindsborg who could grow the best garden. Even with a huge number of gardens present, very few were entered into this contest. These gardens were not only a way to grow your own food, but at this time they were a sign of patriotism. As prices for food soared during this time planting these gardens became such a necessity that all available acreage was made available for planting a garden.[1] The newspaper also published new recipes that involved using the produce you grow in your gardens to use in cooking. These included bread made out of potatoes as wheat was scarce and expensive in the area.[2]

A recipe for “Victory Bread”






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[2] World War I Collection, Old Mill Museum, Lindsborg, Kansas